In Love With the Mystery

Music by Paul Horn, Miles Black and Edward Henderson

Vocals and spoken word by Ann Mortifee

This exquisite book is accompanied by music from accomplished musicians and improvisers. Just as the writing in IN LOVE WITH THE MYSTERY was spontaneous and inspired, so also was the creation of the accompanying CD. It is not simply an audio version of the book, but instead is a creative musical expression of the ideas and meaning behind the words in the book. Selected for their evocative power, phrases and passages are spoken and sung within a rich musical environment; the musicians created a resonant sphere in which the meanings and images in the writing could find full expression, often in an active interplay beyond, around and above the words.

Companion CD included in the book

On the companion compact disc, recorded live with her husband, Paul, Ann’s voice transports the listener to places where one can meditate on the wisdom within one’s own heart. This inspired musical offering, a marriage of two visionary souls traveling together, is an added gift to be experienced alone or in union with the book.

The listening experience is enhanced through refined professional recording and mastering using state of the art facilities and craftsmanship. Playable as stereo 5.1 for full surround sound, it is also a super audio disk (SACD), providing extraordinarily superior sound quality for those who have the capacity for SACDs on their players. This CD also sounds beautiful on any normal CD player.

  • Length: 46 min
  • Instrumentation:Vocals, spoken word, flute, guitar, piano
  • Stereo and Surround Sound 5.1

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BOOK WITH CD: $28.95 CDN (plus tax+shipping) Also available at fine booksellers on request.

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