Music for “Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness”

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Paul Horn and Jigme Drukpa were featured in the music, “The Middle Path,” by Christopher Hedge, for this beautiful hour-long documentary about Bhutan, its people, its culture and its practice of finding happiness on the middle path. (With narration by Ann Mortifee)

For more on the music in this video, link here.

Produced and directed by Tom Vendetti, the film Bhutan: Taking the Middle Path to Happiness was a winner of 2 Emmy Awards.


  1. Betty Lundy says:

    I want to go live there. It sounds too good to be true. A society actually living or trying to live with positivity-turning their backs on the “mud” of the usual human existence? How truly wonderful! Gross National Happiness is so much more appealing than the Gross National Product and all its inherent evils. Look where we are today with world economies collapsing.

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