Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee at Sacred Space

In this video from an afternoon presentation at The Sacred Space, Paul plays flute as Ann reads from the book, In Love with the Mystery.


  1. Jennifer Fenske (Ratcliffe) says:

    As someone who has loved Paul Horn’s music all my life I am so delighted that he has married Ann. My heart sings for you both. Words can not express my delight on hearing you both together. I grew up in Victoria knowing Paul and his family. Robin would play drums in our basement with my brother Kim on guitar and my other brother Josh singing. I would be dancing outside on the grass by the open window and loved to hear them play together.
    I have longed to hear your music and feel blessed to finally be able to hear it all…my 45 record has long since been lost but in my memory I hear and see you playing to Haida.
    Thank you for this opportunity to connect. It is a dream come true.
    Love, God’s Peace, Jennifer Xo

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