The Stillness Inside: The Meditation Music of Paul Horn

Paul’s New CD

Now available – released by Sounds True.

The Stillness Inside: The Meditation Music of Paul Horn
In 1968, Paul Horn slipped into the Taj Mahal with a flute and a tape recorder—and created an improvisational masterpiece that would signify the birth of a new genre in music. With a rare ability to capture in music the essence of sacred space, Horn went on to record a landmark series of albums in noted spiritual sites across the globe. On The Stillness Inside, this two-time Grammy winner shares for the first time his favorite compositions for the exploration of the sacred interior that each one of us holds within.

Paul Horn has released dozens of recordings over a 50-year career, including the groundbreaking Inside the Taj Mahal, the album that defined new age music and sold more than 1 million copies. His recorded output covers classical, jazz, pop, new age and world music. In 1966 he traveled to India to study meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He has continued to travel, recording in sacred spaces from Canyon de Chelly (with R. Carlos Nakai) to the cathedrals of Russia. He now splits his time between British Columbia and the American Southwest.

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Sounds True listing:
The renowned flutist and two-time Grammy winner shares his favorite compositions for contemplative practice.
Music MM02119D / CD / 60 minutes / 5¾” x 5″
US $17.98 / New Age
UPC: 600835-211925 / Rights: World
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MM02119W / UPC: 600835-211970 / US $12.59

I spent hours and hours listening with so much pleasure to the music that Paul recorded in such sacred sites as The Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal, the beautiful Kazamieras Cathedral of Lithuania, and the Grand Assembly Hall of the Potala Palace, where the Dalai Lama spent his boyhood. I loved every moment of it. What peace. What beauty. I chose the pieces that I thought would allow each of us to travel deeper into ourselves carried on the waves of his golden flute. – Ann Mortifee, Producer of “The Stillness Inside”

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  1. I am so excited for this release in September!
    The young artists need to know about the music of Paul Horn!
    I will carry his music where ever i travel. Paul’s music to me symbolizes integrity and spiritual healing.I am committed to share with young artists i meet about Paul the artist who found his own voice in music without any gimmicks!

    In Spirit,

    Gary Stroutsos PS I am doing a concert in Tucson November 11th will you still be in town Paul?

  2. Michael Hernan says:

    Paul you are my guru circa 1968-9 UCLA In the first meeting after the mantra a woman sitting behind me tapped on the shoulder {I had been waxing briskly upon my newfoundnes). She said with the most cheer in a smile possibe that I, me, “wouldn’t .believe what I’d be doing 5 years from now.” – she was absolutely correct and in five years I developed an iunderstanding that nice things happening more or less according to plan was no mystery ; the 35+ years after the first five that I savorl stil, even thou I am stilll trying to catch up to my mind that got “blown” back in the olden days if you get my drift. ,. I know not how to spell the .words, but jaI Guru Dev. Thank you Paul.

  3. I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet and perform with Paul Horn when I was in the Stan Kenton Collegiate Neophonic Orchestra backing him up for an ABC TV Christmas musical specialin 1969 and had the privilege of purchasing one of his Haynes flutes #6637…which I still play on today and many concerts all over the world…He was a beautiful spiritual man…which I have tried to follow in his creative and spiritual footsteps …I have recorded a CD ” Flute Meditaons” back in 1990 inspired by INSIDE the Taj Mahal..he taught a few of us at Cerritos College to meditate …which I still do today…thank you Paul Horn!


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