Internationally acclaimed musician and recording artist Paul Horn passed away Sunday morning, June 29 after a brief illness. He was 84. Horn is survived by his wife Ann Mortifee, his sons Robin and Marlen, stepson Devon, 4 grandchildren – Brittany, Tyler, Jonah, Ana – and daughters in law Robin, Alison and Beth. The family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from people around the world who admired Horn as a musician and respected him as a man of great integrity and deep philosophical principles. A private memorial-celebration of life is being planned.


  1. Gustavo Martinez says:

    A great soul that blessed us with celestial music.

  2. Carol Sill says:

    Sad to say farewell to Paul Horn, whose life and music touched so many. Sending much love to the family in this important time. He will be remembered and missed – while his celestial music plays on!

  3. Rasma Bertz says:

    One of the great things about music is that it transcends and flows through life and death. The people who create it live on in their music. Paul was and will remain an inspiration. So fortunate to be one of those inspired and encouraged. Thank you, and love to his family. Ann – your book (with Paul’s CD) ‘In Love with the Mystery’ has been an essential part of my life this year. I hope that your words of wisdom flow even clearer in this next period of your life.

  4. Monte Nordstrom says:

    My condolences to the inner circle of Paul’s life; his family & friends on his passing. I will always remember Paul with respect & admiration. The depth of Paul’s humanity & his adventurous spirit flowed through his music & touched the world in a beautiful, harmonious way. Thank you to Paul for sharing your gift with us all. May we all be granted the serenity with which Paul lived his life.

  5. Godspeed, Paul. Thank you for being here and sharing your music and soulfulness with us. May you carry on forever in love and peace.

  6. Jill and I both offer our sincere condolences to Ann and Paul’s family. It was an incredible experience and pleasure working with Paul Horn in the studio on Jupiter 8 with the late Ralph Dyck. It was a life changing experience for me and one that still guides me through life is some mystical way.

    I am sure this “centring” experience was shared with everyone who had worked closely with Paul. Time after time in the studio I was memerized by Paul’s incredible grasp of the music and his ability to make it speak to everyone regardless of age, sex or skin colour or language spoken.

    Remember, those vibrations that Paul created in the Taj Mahal all those years ago are still vibrating through the universe. Goodby my old friend until we meet again in another dimension, Dave.

  7. Tim Feetham says:

    Thank you, Paul. Your breath will be with us always.

  8. Eric Posen says:

    Thank you Paul for the sweetest sounds and your sparkling spirit. You made the monuments of the ancient world sing and you were generous in sharing those revelations with the rest of us. Deena and I send our condolences to Ann and the rest of your family . We hold you in our hearts with love and tears .
    Eric and Deena

  9. “Let them hear your soul” he told me once something i carry with me everyday of my life.
    Paul was always so gracious to me when we spoke to “keep the music going”.
    One of our true innovators and masters of music from the heart.
    I will keep my promise and finish his tribute recording to share with the young people coming up.
    He is in the truest sense a universal traveler who was so far ahead of his time.

  10. Shayla Spencer says:

    Love you so much dear dear friend… I will miss the physical and look forward to all communion and communications from you in the future. Have a bit of a rest and then get back on the job… we need all the help we can get on this side! I Will always love you and Ann. Shayla, Spot and the entire clan on Dragon Hill

  11. Thank you for touching my musical life in so many ways to this day… I will miss you Paul.

  12. Rob Wallace says:

    I briefly studied drum set with Paul’s son, Robin, back in the mid ’90s, and met Paul in the hallways of UofAZ during those years. He was a wonderful musician and an important pioneer in many ways, including his work in exposing the West to North Indian music. My condolences to Robin and the rest of the family–Paul has left an incredible legacy.

  13. The legendary Paul Horn will be sadly missed but his transcendental music and pioneering spirit lives on.

  14. Today i have lost my brother and a great artist. You have been always in my heart. Your music always inspired me, every moment we shared on stage is still fresh in my heart. Rest in peace. We will miss you a lot.

    Vikash Maharaj (INDIA)

  15. Michael Wilson says:

    I met and spoke to Paul Horn many years ago when I was learning TM. I remember thinking that he was a very sweet guy. Now, having met a few other famous folks (and practiced meditation), I recognize that what I felt then was presence – not ego, not duty to a fan, just presence, one person with another. A very clear memory. A great gift.

  16. James Cimarusti says:

    My condolences to the Horn family. I was able to meet Paul only once and discuss breifly how much I enjoyed his work and his work with others such as Cal Tjader, Chico Hamilton, and Duke Ellington. Paul is the only musician I know of to sit in with the famous Ellingon sax section (on the “Suite Thursday” recording). Paul must have been very honored to be a part of that. RIP Paul and say hi to Cal, Vince, and Bola :)

  17. A great light has gone out of the world. Wherever that light has gone it will illuminate and radiate. Fortunately, we still have our memories of him and recordings to revisit and savour, insuring that a certain measure of that light remains with us. My condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, associates, and fans. I would like to echo what my old friend and partner, Monte Nordstrom, has posted before me. Paul was a good friend, a mentor and a colleague, a true man of peace, as well as a great musician, one of the greatest musical and spiritual influences on this and the past century. He will be greatly missed by so many. I am honoured and privileged to have known both him and his sublime body of work. Wing on, Paul. Love and Peace.

  18. June Kirk says:

    Thank you Ann for sharing your message informing us of Paul’s passing. As you, your families and friends now process what has been going on over the past few weeks, may you know there are others who can share some of what you are experiencing as we reflect on the amazing soul/person that Paul was. Perhaps that will provide some peace as you journey on.

  19. Mike Lewis says:

    I had mutual friends with Paul through meditation and listened to his music for many years, so I always felt like I knew him….and I did get to meet him once and we had a great conversation about music. He had a sound like no other – permeated with silence. Condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.

  20. Jai Guru Dev, Paul. It was an honour to know you.

  21. So sad to hear this news. Paul Horn was a wonderful and frankly, underrated musician whose influence has never been fully acknowledged. We remember him on the Echoes website: http://wp.me/p4CTcn-3Hi

  22. As a young flutist I was greatly influenced by one of Paul’s albums from the late 60′s (The Paul Horn Concert Ensemble). That one album introduced me to Renaissance polyphony, jazz, and flute-ensemble playing, all in one record! What a gift! I’ve always wanted to get my hands on his arrangement of “Magnificat” to perform it.

    Later, I acquired several more recordings and just marveled at the style and passion in his playing. Truly transcendent.

    My best wishes to Paul’s family and friends as they work through the emotional, spiritual and logistical aspects of the inevitable changes at a time like this.

  23. Katherine says:

    When I was a student at MIU (Maharishi International University) in 1975-77, Paul made a visit there and myself and the band I was in at the time, were lucky enough to perform with him. He was a musical soul brother.

  24. David Buckland says:

    The last time I heard Paul live was at a music conference at MUM in Iowa, about 3 years ago. That memory now becomes more important. He has shown up in my life a number of ways over the decades. Mainly his music but also in talks and as a living example of what it was to be a meditator when I was first looking at learning so many years ago. Thanks, Paul, for your bright light.

    You’ll be in our thoughts, Ann.

  25. Stephen Frost says:

    “Inside” was the first album I ever bought . sorry to hear about the passing of Paul. RIP

  26. I’ll never forget the moment (when I was 17) I first heard the opening notes of Paul’s flute on Inside the Taj Mahal. I just stopped everything and said “What’s That”?!
    It was like an instant activational awakening, and my life was forever changed!
    I went on to come a professional full-time Bamboo Flute player, maker & recording artist, and owe it all to Paul!
    The Inside I & II albums, as well as Paul Horni n Kashmir were particularly instructive in teaching me the language of the Raga’s & the spiritual essense of the spaces between the notes, etc..
    Just as he planted the seeds of peace & harmony & space in my heart, I try to do the same for others as my life’s work.
    Thank-you again Paul, I only wish that I got to tell you all this in person,
    but sending it out now into the Universe wherever you are ~~~*

  27. I first met Paul back in 1978 and then again in the mid 90′s. My father had worked on some of the physical properties with Dr. Thelma Moss of Kirlian photography fame back in the 60′s. Paul was interested in recording some of the mystical and unusual characteristics and properties at the Great Cheops Pyramid…and so he did. I only spoke a few times over the years but he did have a great influence on me in my playing as he did many many other. Time and Space…I will miss your contributions to this world but I know you will continue on in the next. I am glad we met.

  28. David Carroll says:

    I began playing the flute at the age of 50 because I was inspired by the music of Paul Horn and the range of expression he produced with the instrument. I had mentioned to my wife several years later that I would really like to have a signed photo of Paul since his music meant so much to me. Unbeknownst to me, she sent a letter to Canyon records asking how she might get in touch with Paul and ask him if he could provide a photo. Dolores Doyle at Canyon graciously provided Paul’s email address. My wife sent Paul an email asking him if he would sign a photo for my 55th birthday.

    Paul did better than that, he sent the signed photo of him and Carlos Nakai and a signed cd. Since my birthday is on New Year’s and with the holidays Paul was concerned that his package might not reach me in time so he followed up with an email to my wife to see if she received it. He then asked if she could arrange a time that he and I could speak for a while over the phone on my birthday. Unbelievably Paul and I spoke for a half-hour about flutes, flute playing and the projects he was working on. A week later Paul sent another photo (of him alone this time, playing the flute along with another signed cd.

    I believe this reminiscence says volumes about the type of person Paul was. I will always remember his gift of thoughtfulness and generosity of time and his inclination to support a not-so-young person trying to become a flute player. Namaste, Paul.

  29. Alan Schmidt says:

    Almost forty years ago, my bride-to-be and I had the first side of Paul’s “Inside II” playing just before our wedding ceremony. The combination of nature sound and Paul’s beautiful improvisations was the perfect music for two young people about to begin life in the big world; since that time, Paul’s music has always had a special place in our lives. While I am saddened that his physical time on earth has passed, I am confident that his amazing body of work will be around to inspire and soothe those searching for a deeper meaning to life for all time. Next year on our fortieth anniversary, we will play your music once again and be grateful. Thank you Paul, for your vision, your work, and your inspiration.

  30. Lois Luckovich says:

    Paul and his lady Trintjye were friends to me for over 25 years. I shall miss quiet talks with this dear friend who took time to go to the Duncan hospital and play Brahms Lullaby for my ill mother.

    For years now I have missed visits to his home in Gordon Head to talk with he and Trintjye and visit with their pets

    Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo Paul

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