Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee at Sacred Space

ann and paul -reading

In this video from an afternoon presentation at The Sacred Space, Paul plays flute as Ann reads from the book, In Love with the Mystery.

Ann Mortifee

Ann and Paul on Black 1

Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee - 1973 and 2010

Paul Horn now shares his life and work with Canadian vocalist and arts-and-culture leader Ann Mortifee. They bring together their unique and shared life experiences in their music, performances, workshops and presentations in the US and Canada.

Paul and Ann at Sacred Space

One of their Esalen workshop descriptions states:

“To become fully alive in all our humanness and vibrant in our spiritual essence, a merging of opposites needs to occur,” write Ann and Paul. “Strength with vulnerability, active with receptive, known with unknown. Through music, story, improvisation, meditation, and work with the wheel of integration, the intention for this workshop will be to stabilize and free the body, expand yet focus the mind, and awaken and embody the spirit.”

Paul Horn and Ann Mortifee

Their latest project is the recently published book and CD In Love with the Mystery


Ann and Paul on Black 1

Ann Mortifee Says New Book Sparked by Husband’s Gift and Inspiration

by Grania Litwin, Times Colonist, November 4, 2010

Singer-songwriter Ann Mortifee and flutist Paul Horn met almost 40 years ago when she was a 24-year-old at the dawn of her career, and he was an established luminary of new-age jazz.

She had written the score for The Ecstasy of Rita Joe and they were introduced at a recording studio, while working on an album for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s adaptation of the show.

After the session, Mortifee mentioned she hadn’t had time to write an overture and Horn immediately suggested they improvise something. Slightly stunned, she anxiously asked: “How do we do that?”

“I’ll just start and you follow me into the music,” explained the man with the golden flute, who had recorded inside the Taj Mahal. “It’s like a conversation. Whatever you do — don’t think.”

Fixing her with his gaze, he started to play. He then closed his eyes and drifted into the music. She flowed into the moment with her voice, and the overture came into being.

The South African-born Mortifee says she fell in love with him that day — he was married at the time, but they reconnected and married five years ago — and she began using his masterful musical guidance to connect with her inner voice whether teaching, composing or performing.

It also helped kindle her recent book, In Love With the Mystery, …..
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